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  1. Module one How to be a promoter Starting Steps 
    1. Lesson 1: Steps One to success
  2. Module Two: Database
    1. Lesson 1. How to build and Separate my Promoter Database
      1. Girls 
      2. Bottle Clients 
      3. Birthdays 
      4. Online Guest list qa
      5. Regulars 
    2. Lesson 2. How to Grow and Maintain a Consistent High Level Guest List 
    3. Lesson 3.How to Grow and Maintain my Bottle Clients 
    4. Lesson 4. How to build an online Promotion:
      1. Social Media 
      2. Websites 
      3. Sister Sites
  3. Module Three: Taking my Promotions to the next level
    1. Lesson 1. How to call and sell Potential Clients 
    2. Lesson 2 How to properly use Outreach for a promoter 
    3. Lesson 3 How to Develop Relationship/Partnership with Industry partner and Friends 
    4. Lesson 4 How to Continually be ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting  and come up with creative ways to increase business and bring people in. 
    5. Lesson 5 How to Create Measurable and Non Measurable programs For self and staff (If you are building a team)
    6. Lesson 6 How to build a promotions team once you get going 
    7. Lesson 7 How to utilize networking opportunities and achieve industry programs 
    8. Lesson 8 How to Write and Post good content as a promoter (What do people look for)
    9. Lesson 9 What tools should i have to be a good promoter 
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Module one: How to be a promoter Starting Steps

  • Steps One to success

Module Two: Database

Module Three: Taking my Promotions to the next level

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